Jens Button: It's not a walk in the park for Red Bull and Max Verstappen

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Jens Button: It's not a walk in the park for Red Bull and Max Verstappen

Jenson Button is satisfied with the first race of the new F1 season in which Max Verstappen was the most dominant and thus achieved victory. “It looked like a relatively easy race, especially for Max,” said Button, as quoted by “But I have to say, forgetting who won the race, it was a great race.

It was too easy for Max, yes, it was. But the race itself was great. I loved the action, there was so much action. To see to multiple world champions going at it, Lewis and Fernando, it was pretty special”.

Jens Button is not optimistic about Red Bull

Despite Max Verstappen's victory, Button is far from optimistic about Red Bull's season.

Button believes that it is too early to pass judgment on the champion and the outcome of the season. The next races could tell a lot. “I know that a lot of drivers have said, well, it's going to be an easy championship for Red Bull and Max.

But how can you say that? We've only tested at one track, we've only raced at one track. And we all know that Bahrain is very unique in the way that the cars work there. It's a heavy braking, traction circuit, it's not so much about high-speed.

So we can't say that. I think we'll understand a bit more after Saudi, which is more of a fast-flowing track. And also when we get the European races. So no, it's not a walk in the park for Red Bull and Max. It's a great start to the season, and very different to what they had last year.

But I still think we're going to have some very, very close fights." Another one of those who impressed him a lot is Fernando Alonso. Despite his age, the Spaniard still shows that he is a top driver. “And I don't think it's going to be a straightforward win for Red Bull and Max.

But I loved the first race. I thought it was action-packed and that's what I look for. I look for great racing, and great fights. And two greats like Lewis and Fernando going at it was very special”.

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