F1 technical expert worried about Mercedes: There's almost like a civil war going on

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F1 technical expert worried about Mercedes: There's almost like a civil war going on

F1 technical expert Craig Scarborough is not satisfied with the current situation within the Mercedes team. Their results at the very start do not promise that Mercedes will have a good season, but that does not prevent them from believing in themselves and hoping for changes.

Scarborough, however, is angered by the daily comments made by Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton. “Mercedes have got a really tricky choice now because they already have a development programme in hand,” Scarborough said, as quoted by crash.net “So we know that there’s a new floor coming for the next race.

We don’t know how big a step that is, but if you were to change anything on the car the floor would be the thing that you would change first. We know there is this much-talked-about Imola upgrade. This came to light [in] pre-season during testing and they said, ‘yes, we’ve got a big update coming’, which is not unusual for Mercedes and it didn’t sound like it was a reaction to any problems they were having with the car and they were talking again about the sidepods and some of the car concept changing ever so slightly.

So we’ve got that in the pipeline already and now you’ve got Toto and Lewis saying that we’re going to develop a completely new concept for this car to make it win races."

Craig Scarborough on Mercedes' engineers

Craig Scarborough believes that the team's engineers know their job well.

He has no doubts that they will do what is necessary. That being said, Craig believes that such comments do no good. “You do wonder how much these kind of snappy comments in the press are related to what the engineers are doing, James Allison and everyone else back at Brackley trying to decide what to do to get this car to be competitive.

And you have to guess, given their success over the past decade, that they know how to do that. So there’s almost like a civil war going on”.