Carlos Sainz: "Ferrari, complicated start to the season"

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Carlos Sainz: "Ferrari, complicated start to the season"
Carlos Sainz: "Ferrari, complicated start to the season"

In the drivers' conference in Jeddah, the second week of the Formula 1 World Championship, in Saudi Arabia, Carlos Sainz of Ferrari talked about the difficult moment for his team. He explained: "The start of the season has been complicated but we are taking the right steps to improve.

I am sure we will do a good job in terms of development throughout the season. How are things going? Better than what was read in the papers after the rumors of recent days, we know what to do and we are confident. We are the first to not be happy with the result in Bahrain but I am surprised because there are those who have spoken of the crisis in Italy.

Here on the podium? I hope so, track different and also different wing than Bahrain, I think we will be more competitive. I want to be more optimistic and think that we will have opportunities to go on the podium. Leclerc's problem in Bahrain took us by surprise, bad situation but now we can only look forward.

Difficult weekend for us in Bahrain, but we couldn't do more. But it was only the first race. 2022 has taught us that it's not important how you start but how you finish."

Hamilton's words

Again in the same press conference, the British Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton said: "Having said that the team didn't listen to me was perhaps not the most appropriate expression.

I believe in them, they are my family. But we must try to direct ourselves on the right track. We also have to avoid rash moves so as not to lose even more altitude from the others. We hope to be able to win again. I no longer feel close to the others from last year, we have difficulties exiting the corners.

Red Bull has a very strong rear and they went even faster than we could have imagined. In terms of mental approach we are in the same situation as last year, we have to stick together and work. Full trust in the team, we know where we want to go.

Directing energy in the right direction, that's what do to keep the motivation high, but to fight for the victory it is necessary at the moment that the others do not finish the race... Faced with the challenges, however, no one oi never stopped."

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