Charles Leclerc denies rumors about Mercedes and the conflict within the Ferrari team

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Charles Leclerc denies rumors about Mercedes and the conflict within the Ferrari team

Lately, there have been a lot of rumors about Ferrari and 'their current crisis' However, Charles Leclerc denied any crisis within the team, as well as rumors that he had a meeting with the manufacturer's president. Charles is focused on himself and what comes next.

“This is absolutely untrue,” Leclerc said, as quoted by “There have been loads of rumours around the team. For once, 90 percent of them were completely unfounded. I don’t know where it is coming from and, to be honest, I don’t want to even spend any energy on trying to find where it’s coming from.

We just need to be on it and focus on ourselves”.

Charles Leclerc and Mercedes

Leclerc is often linked with a move to the Mercedes team. However, his plans, for now, are totally different. The Ferrari team has great optimism for this season, and Leclerc will be one of the key people in achieving those goals.

“Honestly I obviously saw these rumours and then went to Maranello. At first I was like I’m not sure how the team will react to it’. But then we’ve had a meeting with the whole team, with all the Ferrari employees.

I was really surprised. Everyone is fully on it and fully positive, which is great. We all need to push in the same direction as I said this is the most important”. As a result of an electrical issue, Leclerc retired from the race in Bahrain.

It is not something that will hinder him from what lies ahead. In his opinion, there is too much noise made about 'Ferrari' when things aren't going well for them. “We still need to be fighting like crazy to be back at the top and keep pushing.

When it’s Ferrari who doesn’t go as well as it should then there’s lots of voices and all of these things around the team but we need to be good at spending our energy right inside the team, pushing in the right direction and making a difference and come back stronger”.

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