Toto Wolff: Lewis Hamilton can leave if he doesn't get his desired car

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Toto Wolff: Lewis Hamilton can leave if he doesn't get his desired car
Toto Wolff: Lewis Hamilton can leave if he doesn't get his desired car

Although there have been rumors about Lewis Hamilton and his departure for a few months now, Toto Wolff does not want to hear such things and wants to help his drivers. “I have no idea what is being said in the silly season, I just know where we are with Lewis and with George and nothing else is relevant,” Wolff said, as quoted by “We are talking about when we want to do it and how.

We just need to change some terms - the dates basically”. Wolff is confident that Hamilton will remain in the team. “I am absolutely confident”.

Toto Wolff: Lewis needs to make sure he has the car

According to Toto, the two of them have a great working relationship and he sees no reason why Hamilton could decide to depart from the team in the near future.

Nevertheless, if within the next few years they do not provide Hamilton with what he needs, he will have the right to leave the team in order to go to a better team. “I don’t think Lewis will leave Mercedes,” Wolff added.

“He’s at the stage of his career where we trust each other, we have formed a great bond and we have no reason to doubt each other, even though this is a difficult spell. So nice it will be when we come out of this valley of tears and come back to solid performances.

As a driver, nevertheless, if he wants to win another championship he needs to make sure he has the car. And if we cannot demonstrate that we are able to give him the car in the next couple of years then he needs to look everywhere.

I don’t think he’s doing it at this stage. But I will have no grouch if that happens in a year or two”.

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