Charles Leclerc reacts to the rumors of a swap between him and Lewis Hamilton

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Charles Leclerc reacts to the rumors of a swap between him and Lewis Hamilton
Charles Leclerc reacts to the rumors of a swap between him and Lewis Hamilton

There has been a lot of discussion about Lewis Hamilton and his contract for several months now. As of now, the British driver has not yet renewed his contract with Mercedes, and many people are wondering if this means the end of his journey with the German team? A quick denial followed, and Hamilton is confident he will have a great future in this team.

It has now been reported that new rumors have surfaced regarding the situation. There are rumors that Charles Leclerc could become a member of the Mercedes team, while Hamilton could join Ferrari. Leclerc was asked directly about this swap and he denied it without delay.

The aim of such rumors, in his view, is to damage the atmosphere within the Ferrari team. “It's the first time I've heard all these voices from the outside since I've been at Ferrari. Maybe someone wants to destabilise us.

But I wear red and I want to win again with this team”. - Charles Leclerc said, as quoted by

Charles Leclerc and Jeddah

Leclerc arrived in Jeddah with a new power unit. It is well known to him that this will result in a penalty for ten places on the grid.

Despite the fact that his start is not promising, we know that he has qualities to offer and he will be able to accomplish a great deal as time goes on. Ferrari also seems to be in a stable position at the moment. As a matter of fact, this could be one of the most exciting seasons for Leclerc as he will be able to demonstrate that he deserves great things.

"I want to recover with overtaking and merit,” Leclerc said. “Not because of the Safety Car or other things. It's not the start of the season we expected, but we've already figured out some things and we're already reacting”.

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