Andrea Stella on Red Bull's dominance: There's no excuses for the other teams

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Andrea Stella on Red Bull's dominance: There's no excuses for the other teams
Andrea Stella on Red Bull's dominance: There's no excuses for the other teams (Provided by Financial World)

McLaren boss Andrea Stella spoke about the current season, in which, for now, Red Bull has a huge dominance, and it seems that it will remain so until the very end. Stella believes that this should not be an excuse for other teams, but an additional motivation to improve.

"We've had really phenomenal seasons in the previous years in terms of how close the competition for the victory was,” he said for “We might even have to accept that there's a season in which one team is dominant.

But I think with all the information you have now, even with the possibility that you have to look at the car, like we have cars on display on Friday, there's no excuses for the other teams to say we don't know what to do.

So for me, I keep saying it's more for the other teams that they need to take this opportunity to improve. Ultimately it's a sport which, if you are faster, you're going to win races. I don't think there's an easy solution”.

Red Bull's cost cap penalty

Red Bull's cost cap penalty will not be a huge handicap for the Austrian team, which has great ambitions for the future. Stella believes that other teams should emulate Red Bull. “The advantage at the moment seems large enough that they shouldn't be affected too much in terms of the gap that they show by the fact that they can’t develop as much as the teams behind them,” he said.

“That's my expectation, but I would expect that other teams should take not only inspiration from a morale point of view, but a technical inspiration. The season is long and there is time to transform this information you get into developments, therefore I would expect towards the end of the season that the group will get even closer to Red Bull”.

He is happy about Aston Martin's progress, which has shown that they have quality. This will be an additional motivation for them to continue the same for the rest of the season, so who knows, maybe they will be able to compete with Red Bull in the near future.

That's indeed showing that you can make these kinds of jumps. In a way the gaps apart from Red Bull have shrunk down. So if you make a jump, you can compete for good points. I think Aston seem to have identified the right concepts on the car, and pursued those concepts.

And again, it shows that this is possible. So it just reiterates the fundamental message of McLaren. We need to work hard to keep developing the car. As we see in development, in the background, it is positive, it is alive in development. We need to pursue this direction and capitalise soon."

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