Fred Vasseur 'blames' hard tyres for the result in Jeddah

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Fred Vasseur 'blames' hard tyres for the result in Jeddah
Fred Vasseur 'blames' hard tyres for the result in Jeddah (Provided by Financial World)

Ferrari Formula 1 boss Fred Vasseur spoke about his impressions after the race in Jeddah. The Ferrari drivers finished in 6th and 7th place. The switch to the hard tires cost the team a better result, and that's exactly what Vasseur was talking about.

“I think the balance was quite good,”- he said, as quoted by “If you look at the balance in quali it was OK. It’s not that we had a big issue with the balance, we were not complaining about oversteering or understeering, and even on the bumps the car was decent.

My first feeling is more that we were able to extract the maximum potential of the car on some occasions, with the soft in qualifying, or on the medium in the first part of the race. When we struggled much more it was with the hard.

I don’t know if it’s due to the track temp, but in the end when the track temp went down, it’s related to the compound. But my point of view like this, it’s crystal clear that we had good moments, a good journey to the weekend, and a very poor one at the end of the race”.

Fred Vasseur and his expectations

Vasseur emphasized that this will not change the plans that Ferrari has. They had the potential for a great result, but things didn't turn out the way they expected. Vasseur is nevertheless an optimist and hopes for a better result in the future.

“The performance in all businesses it’s always coming from different pillars,” he said. “It’s never one single thing going well or wrong. And it’s not because we had a poor stint with the hard that we have to stop the development on the aero, the suspension or the engine.

We will continue to do our best on every single area of the performance. But if you have a look just on the picture of this weekend I think the potential of the car was OK-ish on Saturday and perhaps OK-ish at the beginning of the race, but we were not there on the last part."