Formula 1's American Expansion: New Jersey to Build New Racing Circuit

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Formula 1's American Expansion: New Jersey to Build New Racing Circuit
Formula 1's American Expansion: New Jersey to Build New Racing Circuit (Provided by Financial World)

The allure of Formula 1 racing has experienced a meteoric rise in the American market in recent years, and now the United States is set to welcome yet another prestigious circuit to accommodate the high-octane sport. Presently, three races adorn the Formula 1 calendar in the USA, illustrating the immense popularity of the world's fastest motorsport.

In a testament to this burgeoning interest, the mayor of Atlantic City, New Jersey has given the green light for the construction of a new track designed to meet Formula 1 specifications. This ambitious endeavor, boasting a $2.7 billion investment, will be built upon the site of a decommissioned airfield.

In addition to the 2.4-mile (3.9-km) racetrack, the project will include residential housing and retail spaces. However, enthusiasts must exercise patience, as the undertaking is projected to take between six and nine years to reach fruition.

Consequently, the racing world will have to wait until the close of the decade, at the earliest, to witness this ambitious venture come to life—if it does, indeed, materialize. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that Formula 1 will ultimately grace the Garden State, as the track's compliance with F1 standards does not ensure a spot on the racing calendar.

A Fourth American F1 Race: A Need or An Excess?

Some critics argue that the United States doesn't necessitate a fourth Formula 1 race, citing the absence of iconic tracks like Hockenheimring and Sepang from the calendar.

While this perspective may hold some merit, it overlooks the vastness of the American landscape. For comparison, during the 2020 season, Italy—a nation 32 times smaller than the United States—hosted three races without much dissent.

Each of the Italian circuits offered a unique experience, contributing to the sport's diverse appeal. Notably, this isn't the first attempt to establish a Formula 1 track in New Jersey. In 2011, a project was initiated in Weehawken, only to be thwarted by a myriad of financial and contractual obstacles.

As Atlantic City embarks on this latest venture, the racing world watches with bated breath, eager to witness the potential expansion of the Formula 1 empire in the United States.