Toto Wolff after 'progress' in Saudi Arabia: We won't get carried away


Toto Wolff after 'progress' in Saudi Arabia: We won't get carried away
Toto Wolff after 'progress' in Saudi Arabia: We won't get carried away

Toto Wolff is a man with enormous experience and passion for F1. It was not a good start to the season for his team (Mercedes). As many people believe, Mercedes is still a long way from being at the top of the game. Mercedes' chances, however, have also been viewed with optimism by a number of people.

The progress that has been made in Saudi Arabia can be a source of satisfaction for Wolff. Still, he doesn't want to get carried away with it.
“The progress we saw in Saudi Arabia was encouraging,” he said, as quoted by “We maximised the package we had and scored some solid points.

More importantly, we continued to learn and understand more about the W14 and our development direction. Everyone back at base has been hard at work to turn these learnings into performance. The signs we are seeing back at the factory are promising.

We have got to take it step by step, though, and won't get carried away until we see performance translated into lap time on track. The competitive order behind Red Bull is tight, with small margins having a big effect on points scored.

There remains a significant gap to the front and that is ultimately what we are interested in closing”.

Albert Park

Toto Wolff spoke about his ambitions for Albert Park and Australia. They hope they can show the right form.

“We are looking forward to Australia. It's a country serious about its motorsport with a great racing tradition, and the fans are super passionate. Albert Park is a circuit with unique characteristics, which we will have to work hard to adapt to with the W14.

As always, we will look to maximise the car we have, and score as many points as our potential currently allows. We are not where we want to be - but that won't stop us from racing hard and giving it everything we've got”.

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