Carlos Sainz confirmed Ferrari's different approach for the Australian GP

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Carlos Sainz confirmed Ferrari's different approach for the Australian GP
Carlos Sainz confirmed Ferrari's different approach for the Australian GP

Carlos Sainz revealed that his team will have a completely different approach to the race in Australia, after the unsuccessful adventure in Saudi Arabia. Sainz did not want to talk about the details, but Ferrari's intentions to make a good result are clear.

"Obviously I cannot go into detail but we've decided to obviously take a different approach this weekend trying to improve the race pace," said Sainz, as quoted by "And I've no idea if we have done it or not, because the real test comes tomorrow.

We've definitely changed the car on the set-up, and I'm hoping that it will pay tomorrow."

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The final result of qualifying in Australia resulted in Sainz qualifying fifth and Leclerc seventh. Sainz is satisfied with the progress in some areas, while, however, he could not be satisfied with some things.

"Yeah, I'm reasonably comfortable. I think we've done some good progress with my feeling with the car. We've changed quite a lot, the set-up, up and down from yesterday, trying to improve it mainly for the race. But actually the changes have made me feel a bit better also over one lap.

Unfortunate that we couldn't prove it today, because I lost a couple of tenths in sector one in that final lap that cost me a top three that would have maybe been a boost of motivation for me and the team. "- he continued. "But we missed it due to a very poor preparation lap.

They told me there were people coming on a fast lap. Some of them were, some not. I cooled down the tyres and it cost me a lot in Turn 1." Sainz emphasized that his team is currently experimenting. "Especially when you have three weeks after stopping, I think it's better to experiment with set-up and be very clear what is the direction that we want in the wind tunnel and in the car to improve," he said.

"This is why we are right now experimenting and waiting to see the clear direction to go in the future."

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