George Russell: I see no reason why we couldn’t have won in Australia

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George Russell: I see no reason why we couldn’t have won in Australia
George Russell: I see no reason why we couldn’t have won in Australia

Compared to previous seasons, Mercedes seems to be a very different team this year. There is no doubt that the drivers as well as the management are aware of this fact. Despite this, the race in Australia caused a bit of optimism that they will be able to compete for the top of the podium.

Although George Russell believes that he could have done much more in this race, it wasn't possible to see whether he really would have been able to do so since he had to retire. In Russell's opinion, it is impossible to achieve a good result, no matter what the situation is, if it is not your day.

“As soon as I came through the high-speed 9 and 10. I felt something go. That was it. Three corners later, I was stopped. When it’s not your day, it’s not your day. I felt comfortable, strong, the pace was great all weekend.

Every time we’ve done something, we’ve maximised it. We had a great qualifying, the start was great, the first stint was well-managed - I could have extended it but Lewis was pushing really hard behind me. Seeing the tyres, I would have probably been good."- Russell said, as quoted by

George Russell on his team

According to George Russell, his team could have even walked away with the victory.

“I see no reason why we couldn’t have won today. Looking at the pace of Max - I’m sure he was just managing - but it would have been difficult for him to pass, especially with Lewis between the two of us.

So I’m really disappointed”. He is focused on making progress in his career. There is no need for him to worry about things he has no control over. “They’re a long way ahead of everybody,” he added.

“When they turn it up, they’re five, six, seven tenths ahead. So we’ve got a lot of work to do. For now, we take the positives. Every time we hit the track we can’t have done any more, I take pride in that”.

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