Toto Wolff on 'Plan B' if Lewis Hamilton leaves Mercedes

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Toto Wolff on 'Plan B' if Lewis Hamilton leaves Mercedes
Toto Wolff on 'Plan B' if Lewis Hamilton leaves Mercedes

As of now, it is still unclear whether Lewis Hamilton will remain in the Mercedes team for the upcoming season or not. A topic such as this is often avoided by the Brit, and it appears that the focus of his attention is elsewhere.

There is no doubt that this is causing a lot of fear and confusion among Mercedes fans. As part of a conversation with motorsport, Toto Wolff revealed what Mercedes' plan B would be if Hamilton really does decide to leave the team.

“I think it may sound naive, but I really struggle to think of a Plan B, if my Plan A is still the one that is my favourite,” Wolff said, as quoted by “I don’t want to engage in discussions with other drivers, because I’m happy with the ones that are in the team, that’s for sure.

At the moment, there is no Plan B. It’s Lewis”.

Toto Wolff on Hamilton leaving the team

On the other hand, Wolff is convinced that Hamilton will not leave the team. Hamilton has been a part of the team for quite some time, and their chemistry within the team is really something to behold.

“I think that he would tell us early enough. I don’t think that Lewis would say: ‘I can’t do this anymore. I’m out of here tomorrow.’ He would always feel the responsibility for the team.

He wouldn’t leave the team alone. Drivers can always take decisions [like that], but he wouldn’t let us down,” he added. Nevertheless, Toto always has an answer to any problem that comes his way. Wolff has no doubt that Mercedes will come up with a solution that works for both parties if and when it ever comes to that.

“But then, I think if you believe that you’re a team that is attractive for others, you will find solutions,” he concluded.

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