Max Verstappen disappointed with Formula 1 sprint races and changes

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Max Verstappen disappointed with Formula 1 sprint races and changes
Max Verstappen disappointed with Formula 1 sprint races and changes

The new F1 format, which will mean that the sprint event and the grand prix will have their own qualifications, has caused different reactions. There are many who supported it, and there are also those who are against it. Max Verstappen, the current leader in F1, is still among those who are not satisfied.

"I'm not a fan of it at all," he said, as quoted by "I think when we're going to do all that kind of stuff, the weekend becomes even more intense and we're already doing so many races. I think that is not the right way to go at it.

I understand, of course, they want to have basically every day exciting, but then I think maybe it's better to just reduce the weekend, only race on Saturday and Sunday and make those two days exciting. Because we're heading into seasons where you have at one point 24, 25 races - because that's where we're going to head into - and if we then start adding even more stuff, it's not worth it for me anyway.

I'm not enjoying that."

Max Verstappen and F1 DNA

The Dutchman believes that such things do not belong in the DNA of F1. Verstappen has a completely different vision than others. However, we doubt that this will have a huge impact on him, considering the quality he possesses and his current position.

"Even if you change the format, I don't find it's the DNA of Formula 1 to do these kinds of sprint races. F1 is about getting the most out of it in qualifying and then having an amazing Sunday, good long race distances. That's the DNA of the sport and I don't understand or I don't know why we should change that because I think the action has been good.

And how do you get even more action is about getting the cars closer, getting more teams able to fight for the win. And I think naturally the show will be great. If we have six, seven teams already fighting for a win, that will be insane. Then you really don't need to change anything."

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