Charles Leclerc sent a warning message to fans!

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Charles Leclerc sent a warning message to fans!
Charles Leclerc sent a warning message to fans!

In the course of your life, you can expect many strange situations when you are popular. At the beginning, popularity seems to be something that flatters and that you love, but over time, you feel how much your privacy is being taken away from you as you become more popular.

This is exactly what Charles Leclerc, the world-famous Ferrari driver, was conviced off. The reason is that his address was posted on social media and this great driver is now facing a situation that he does not want to be in.

There are a lot of fans coming to his house, ringing the bell and asking for pictures with him. Each of us wants to be able to enjoy our privacy and we would not want similar situations in our lives. It was becoming increasingly difficult for Leclerc to live with such things and he sent a message through social media to all of his fans requesting that they respect his privacy.

“Hey everyone. For the past few months, my home address has somehow become public, leading to people gathering beneath my apartment, ringing my doorbell, and asking for pictures and autographs. While I’m always happy to be there for you and I truly appreciate your support, please respect my privacy and refrain from coming to my house.

"- he wrote.

Leclerc's message

It is no problem for Leclerc to meet fans and take pictures with them, but he will no longer tolerate anyone coming to his house to meet him. “I’ll make sure to stop for everyone when you see me on the streets or at the track, but I won’t be coming downstairs if you visit my home.

Your support, both in person and on social media, means the world to me, but there is a boundary that should not be crossed. Happy Easter, everyone”.

Charles Leclerc

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