Max Verstappen disagrees with Hamilton: Those statements are not correct

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Max Verstappen disagrees with Hamilton: Those statements are not correct
Max Verstappen disagrees with Hamilton: Those statements are not correct

Commenting on Red Bull's car a few days ago, Lewis Hamilton emphasized that it was the best car he had seen so far. His biggest rival, Max Verstappen, doesn't agree with him and believes that Mercedes had a more dominant car in the previous years.

"I think if you look at the statistics, then those statements are not correct,” Verstappen said via RacingNews365, as quoted by "But we also do have a very good car. Nothing wrong with that, of course. Still, we are not as dominant as Mercedes has shown some years.

I don’t pay much attention to that, that doesn’t get you anywhere. Whatever we have done in the eight years that Mercedes is so dominant, we also tried to close the gap. That’s the only thing you can do”.

Lewis Hamilton and Jeddah race

After the race in Jeddah, Hamilton commented on the duel he had with Max and was surprised by the speed of his car. “I’ve definitely never seen a car so fast. When we were fast we weren’t that fast.

That’s the fastest car, I think, I’ve seen, especially compared to the rest, I don’t know why or how but he came past me with serious speed. I didn’t even bother to block because there was a massive speed difference… yep”.

Lewis emphasized that Red Bull is currently at a level above all others. “We’ve got work to do to catch the Red Bull - it came flying past and disappeared,” Hamilton said. “Max is in another league, his car is so fast.

He passed me halfway down the straight and he was like 10 metres ahead. I don’t know how they are so quick on the straight - it’s insane. They are just in another league. Until we pick up speed on the straight like they have, and have the crazy downforce they have through the corners, that’s how it’s going to continue”.

Max Verstappen

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