Sebastian Vettel 'announced' his return to the F1 scene?

“I think it’s very difficult to know what will happen next year,”

by Sead Dedovic
Sebastian Vettel 'announced' his return to the F1 scene?

There is still a question mark hanging over Sebastian Vettel's future. Although he has decided to retire from F1 and focus on other things in the future, the German seems still to be open to the possibility of returning to the sport at some point in the future.

During one of the media events, Vettel spoke about his retirement decision. According to him, there are no regrets about the decision he made, and he is very happy with the progress that his former team is making. “I think it’s very difficult to know what will happen next year,” he said, as quoted by “I don’t regret [leaving F1].

The first thing, of course, is joy, which is more important than anything else. I know the team very well from the last few years and I’m happy that they are doing so well. That 2023 was going to be a better year than last season I think was obvious, because last year was pretty bad, so it was expected.

Of course, you never know what the others are doing, but it was going to be better. But no matter what’s happening now, I thought it through and made my decision, regardless of how things might have gone this year”.

Sebastian Vettel on Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso was one of the topics of discussion, as he has been doing some fantastic things this season. It seems as if the Spaniard is living in the best days of his career all over again.

Alonso's fans seem to be delighted about this since he has not been able to compete with other drivers for a long time in terms of the car he has been driving. In addition, Vettel also stated that he is happy for Alonso and his current form.

"I’m happy for him. I think there were actually many years where he didn’t have a good car, and yes, now he’s living that second spring or honeymoon."

Sebastian Vettel