Guenther Steiner on 'potential F1 changes' aimed at preventing Red Bull's dominance

“Sport is the most important thing we have to have,”

by Sead Dedovic
Guenther Steiner on 'potential F1 changes' aimed at preventing Red Bull's dominance

This year has been the most dominant year in Red Bull's history. Many people are of the opinion that the question of who will be the champion has already been answered after only a few races. While this is the beginning of the season, things can always change, so the Red Bull team will definitely be cautious over the coming months.

A number of rumors have already appeared that F1 might be forced to make a few changes in order to prevent Red Bull from dominating the sport. Such things, however, seem to be unrealistic. Guenther Steiner, the team principal of Haas, strongly opposes such a move and also emphasized that certain teams may be able to take advantage of the fact that Red Bull is unable to make progress due to its penalty.

“Sport is the most important thing we have to have,Steiner said, as quoted by “Everyone will work hard, and you must never forget that Red Bull got the penalty from last year. They can develop less in the wind tunnel this year, so theoretically they can't get much forward anymore”.

Guenther Steiner and progress

Steiner believes that other teams will also make progress and figure out certain things as the season progresses. "I'm not worried that the others will catch up. I wouldn't say that they will now keep this advantage for the next 20 races.

Everyone will catch up, and hopefully we'll find out how Red Bull got this advantage, and we can copy it or do something similar”. Although some believe that regulations are the main culprit for this, Steiner denies such a thing.

"You can't blame the regulations for this. Because if someone does a better job than the others, they should have the advantage. We still have a good race between Checo and Max, which does not seem to be without sparks, without a show”.

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