Alex Albon denied rumors about Max Verstappen and Red Bull's adaptation

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Alex Albon denied rumors about Max Verstappen and Red Bull's adaptation
Alex Albon denied rumors about Max Verstappen and Red Bull's adaptation

Although since Max Verstappen's arrival at Red Bull, it has been said how much the team adapts to him and his driving style, Alex Albon denied such things. Speaking to Express Sport, Albon revealed that people make huge mistakes when commenting on such things: “I think people get very confused with designing a car around a driver and a driver who’s very very quick and wants a car a certain way,” Albon said, as quoted by “Of course, you’re going to listen to the driver who’s getting the performance in and getting a good job because the potential is more.

I’m not going to call myself guilty for it but people misinterpret my words where they think what I’m trying to say is the car is built around him. No, it’s the fact that he can deal with it and he drives it in a certain way.

You’ve got to try and find what he has because at the end of the day he’s making it work. Honestly, that’s the difference”.

Alex Albon and Williams

Albon is now in Williams and is optimistic about the next races that will follow.

He believes that his team can really show the best of themselves. Alex is great potential, and we can expect him to show his full glory during this season. "Low deg, low energy tracks suit us because we are a little bit skinnier on the downforce side, we slide around more," Albon added.

"We create a bit more surface temperature than other cars. That's why you know actually in Bahrain we were okay because it was a night race, Jeddah, we were ok on race pace - it was night race. [In Australia, it] is just naturally cold.

We were allowed to slide and the circuit is a bit forgiving. There are long straights after the corners which cool the tyres back down - it suits us."

Max Verstappen Red Bull

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