Red Bull dominance criticised by F1 fans: Stefano Domenicali reacts

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Red Bull dominance criticised by F1 fans: Stefano Domenicali reacts
Red Bull dominance criticised by F1 fans: Stefano Domenicali reacts

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali reacted to the criticism of F1 leaders due to the fact that they need to do more to increase competitiveness on the F1 scene. Red Bull's dominance frustrates fans of the sport. Domenicali does not see anything wrong with that and believes that Red Bull did the job much better than others.

"First of all, if a team is faster than the others, congratulations, they did a better job than the others,” Domenicali said, as quoted by “It's the duty of FIA as the regulator to make sure that they check the compliance of the car with the regulations.

If you look at the others, the other teams are very close, very, very close. I'm very confident that with the budget cap, the situation will evolve in the best way for the better competition. But on the other hand, there is one thing that is interesting to see, in the new markets, where the new audience is coming in, that is not a really important factor."

Stefano Domenicali on F1 fans

Domenicali emphasized that competitiveness is a very important factor.

However, new fans of this sport don't see things that way, and there are many things that are more important to them at the moment. “It's more let's say for the avid fans that if you see a car that is dominant, that's creating a level of less interest.

For the new markets, for the new fans that are coming to the business, this is not really very important. And for us, it's important because we want to make sure there is a great competition in the ecosystem. But I would say if I look today, in the markets where we are growing, this factor is not so relevant as you think.

And this is, in a way, very interesting to share. But that's the truth”. It will be interesting to see if other teams join the race for the title at the end of the season. An interesting situation at the moment.

Red Bull Stefano Domenicali

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