Fans worried about Charles Leclerc: Frederic Vassuer reacted

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Fans worried about Charles Leclerc: Frederic Vassuer reacted
Fans worried about Charles Leclerc: Frederic Vassuer reacted

Charles Leclerc did not start the season in the best way. Many are dissatisfied with his start and believe that if he continues like this, his future at Ferrari is in doubt. In an interview with the media, Ferrari team principal Frederic Vassuer confirmed that the team has great confidence in Leclerc.

They know his capacities well and what he can do in the future. "I have absolutely no doubt about the motivation of Charles," Vasseur said, as quoted by "We had the DNF in Bahrain and then the [10-place grid] penalty in Jeddah and the DNF in Melbourne [so], for sure, it was not at all the plan, but the motivation is still there.

I have a good relationship with Charles. This won't affect the mood. When you are jumping on Charles or Carlos or any of the drivers in the TV pen [a few] seconds after the race, for sure they can't be happy, and I would be very frustrated if they were relaxed and happy with the situation.

The most important [thing] for me is to keep everybody motivated [and] pushing in the same direction. They are supporting the team, Carlos was there in the week in the simulator and Charles will be there next week. The motivation is not an issue at all.

For sure, the results are not the results expected, but we all know that."

Ferrari and atmosphere

Although Ferrari did not start the season in the best way, there is a positive atmosphere in the team and they believe that they can improve a lot in the rest of the season.

They are aware that the season is like that, sometimes there are ups and sometimes downs. However, nothing prevents them from achieving the goals they have set. "The mood in the team is incredibly good for the level of result that we have [had].

I think everybody is very motivated, very focused. The drivers, they are very supportive with us, and the mood in the team is more than good. If the question was about the relationship with John [Elkann, Chairman at Ferrari] or Benedetto [Vigna, Chief Executive Officer], trust me that it's also very positive.

For sure, we don't have the results that we are expecting, but we are all working together to improve the situation."

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