Eddie Jordan: Best option for Lewis Hamilton is to join Ferrari

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Eddie Jordan: Best option for Lewis Hamilton is to join Ferrari
Eddie Jordan: Best option for Lewis Hamilton is to join Ferrari

Eddie Jordan, the man who left a big mark on the F1 scene as a former F1 team owner, spoke about Lewis Hamilton and his career. Jordan believes that the best option for Hamilton would be to join the Ferrari team and continue his career there.

Ferrari needs someone like Hamilton, while Lewis would do well with such a change. “There’s only one place he could go to in my opinion and that is Ferrari. A guy with the talent that he is, and I think it might be a [match made] in heaven.

I think Ferrari need shaking up and I think Lewis Hamilton needs shaking up, if they are going to continue. If Lewis is going to continue then I think he needs a change. For his mindset, for his drive, for an initiative, for fun.

Learning Italian, dealing and eating pasta with those guys, it’s a different world. And having run a team we always saw how different Ferrari operates and I would love to see Lewis in that environment."- he said, as quoted by crash.net

Eddie Jordan and Lewis Hamilton

Jordan is not too optimistic that this will actually happen, but such an option seems interesting to him.

Ferrari would certainly look much better with such a high-quality and experienced driver, but there is little chance that we will see such a table. “I think he could really shake them up. I think he could bring a new sense of direction to them, I think he would eradicate a lot of the little problems Ferrari have had.

So therefore, I would just like to see before he fully retires, I would like to see Lewis there for a year or two to see what would happen. Just think of the column inches. It’s an amazing story. It’s unlikely to happen but it’s my dream”.

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