Yuki Tsunoda on Franz Tost's criticism of the team


Yuki Tsunoda on Franz Tost's criticism of the team

AlphaTauri team boss, Franz Tost, was critical of the team's start this season. Many believe that this means that the team is currently in chaos and that the atmosphere is at a very bad level. Yuki Tsunoda told motorsport that there are no conflicts within the team and that the atmosphere is at a great level.

However, they are aware that things could and must look better. "Inside the team obviously, we're not happy about performance, but at least we are staying always positive," Tsunoda said, as quoted by motorsport.com "We're quite happy with what we've done on the track side, we've almost extracted 100% of the performance from the car, which is the most important.

And we're clear on what direction we have to take for the development side as well."

Yuki Tsunoda on his team

Tsunoda stressed that his team wants to go in a positive direction. They work hard and try to find solutions to problems.

They are aware of how difficult a task awaits them in the continuation of the season. "As a track engineering side, we just focus to give all of the 100% effort to make a car better and as a development side in Faenza they know what they have to do.

As a team it's good that we're facing the same direction, so I'm still feeling positive. We always aim for the points. I don't feel any negative energy from the team." Tsunoda's new teammate Nyck de Vries emphasized that there is a positive vibe in the team.

Their ambitions are certainly much bigger, but they will have to be patient. "The vibe in the team is really good," he said. "But we are competitive and we want to be further up the grid. We obviously would have hoped and liked that we were a bit more ahead and in the fight for points, but hopefully during the course of the season we can get ourselves in that place."

Yuki Tsunoda