Fernando Alonso after Baku: Ferrari was lucky

"Today was good for them, but Miami is going be a different thing.”

by Sead Dedovic
Fernando Alonso after Baku: Ferrari was lucky

Fernando Alonso had some interesting comments after the race in Baku. The Spaniard was close to reaching the podium, but in the end his colleague from Ferrari - Charles Leclerc was more successful. The Spaniard revealed the reasons why Ferrari was more successful than them and revealed his plans for the future.

“I think they got lucky,” Alonso told Sky Sports F1, as quoted b crash.net “The hard tyres was less degradation than expected. I think we put the hard tyre [on] when the Safety Car came and it was 38 laps to the end, and it held on quite well, and also there were some clouds now towards the end, so the track temperature was dropping.

I think with the mediums, the Ferraris they had a massive degradation in the first stint, so on a normal hot race, I think they will struggle a little bit more. Today was good for them, but Miami is going be a different thing”.

DRS problems

DRS problems were certainly a big obstacle for his team. Ferrari entered this race with many advantages, but despite everything, Aston Martin was still close to the podium. Alonso can be satisfied with his form and what he is currently doing.

It shows that he always had these qualities and that he was a top driver. An interesting part of the season awaits us. “The summary of the weekend is that Aston had a tricky Baku weekend let’s say,” Alonso added.
"With the DRS problems, on the setup, we were not that fast in any of the sessions, and we’re still one second from the podium.
And Ferrari, they had the perfect weekend, pole position on the main race, pole position on the sprint race, super fast car and they were just one second from the Astons.

So overall, we have to be happy”. Aston Martin has been great this season even though many have underestimated them. They showed that they have quality despite criticism.

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