Max Verstappen comments on the victory of teammate Sergio Perez

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Max Verstappen comments on the victory of teammate Sergio Perez
Max Verstappen comments on the victory of teammate Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez won in Baku, and his teammate, Max Verstappen, finished behind him. These two drivers get along great and there are no sparks between them. They have shown many times how important chemistry between drivers and respect is.

That happened this time as well. Verstappen commented on his colleague's victory. He is happy for Perez and the fact that he is doing great things. “But clearly, you know, Checo this year has really been on it, he’s been really performing well and that’s great to see,Verstappen said, as quoted by “He’s feeling more and more confident in the car and for the team as well, we are really enjoying it.

And I think Checo and I, we’re having a good time, and we jumped out of the car… And that’s also what is very important: you need to acknowledge and also appreciate when somebody has done a great job.

And that’s exactly what happened today. And we will continue fighting for the rest of the season but that’s normal, we have done that our whole life”.

Sergio Perez and the title

Sergio Perez could not hide his happiness after the important victory.

He is aware of how much this victory can mean for him until the end of the season, and that he is in the fight for the title. However, these two Red Bull drivers do not see each other as rivals. Their goal is primarily to help the team, and only then to look at their personal results.

“I think there is a very high level of respect between Max and myself, and the whole team,” Perez added. “The level we are operating at, we’re pushing each other really hard, we obviously want to beat each other, I want to win the championship as much as Max wants but there is a lot of respect between us.

And I feel in a way, we're very similar in the way we approach or think about the sport so I do not believe he will change. We will be fighting each other like we did today, as much and as hard as we possibly can. But I think with a very high level of respect to us and to our team”.

Max Verstappen Sergio Perez

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