Toto Wolff: Mercedes car is not a nice car, not a good car

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Toto Wolff: Mercedes car is not a nice car, not a good car
Toto Wolff: Mercedes car is not a nice car, not a good car

The Mercedes team and Toto Wolff cannot possibly be satisfied with the qualifications in Miami. George Russell eventually finished 6th, while Lewis Hamilton had a disappointing performance and finished 13th. Toto Wolff commented on the car after the race.

Wolff is disappointed with the car, and it is obvious that they have to fix a lot of things in the sequel, which was clear from the beginning of the new season. “The car is not a nice car, not a good car,” Wolff said, as quoted by “The basic performance of the car is the lack of understanding of the car.

I would say the performance is just really bad, and for George and Lewis it just really went south. You could see in the first sector the car really wasn’t there." A team like Mercedes cannot be satisfied with 6th place.

Their rivals show that they are one step ahead of them, which greatly frustrates Wolff and the team. "When things go bad they compound bad and this has happened for him [Hamilton] and for all of us as a team. I take no enjoyment from finishing sixth.

It’s the lack of comprehension of what it is that makes this car such a nasty piece of work”.

Toto Wolff on handling

Wolff talked about the handling and emphasized that they only experienced a decline, not an improvement.

“That is a very front-limited track and we put the car in its sweet spot,” he said. “It performed well and got better over the weekend. It is the contrary of what has happened here in that it has gotten worse over the weekend.

It’s such a narrow operating window that when it’s good, it’s okay. It can deliver a podium. If it’s bad, you’re P13, or P10 realistically, in terms of Lewis”. Mercedes will have to work a lot in the rest of the season if they really want to achieve a positive result. They will have a difficult task.

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