Max Verstappen: I always feel unbeatable

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Max Verstappen: I always feel unbeatable
Max Verstappen: I always feel unbeatable

Max Verstappen once again showed his dominance this season and achieved another victory, this time in Miami. The Dutchman is really great this season and it seems that he could win the championship this season as well. His main rival will be his teammate, Sergio Perez.

Verstappen confirmed after the race that he feels 'unbeatable' even though he was not at his level during qualifying. “I always feel unbeatable. But sometimes other people also have a really good day and they can be close to you, or match you and be ahead.

But I think what is important is to try to be close to 100 percent or perfect every single time. Yesterday wasn’t perfect, so overall this weekend wasn’t perfect. It’s a long season and I always try to be as close as possible to perfect.

”- Verstappen said, as quoted by

Tyre strategy

After running a long first stint on hard tires and making his pitstop 25 laps later than Perez, Verstappen showed that his strategy is excellent. It turned out even better than he himself expected.

"It was better than expected I guess,” he continued. “It was really just about trying to understand how the tyres would last in the middle of the stint, I was not sure, that’s probably why I was a bit slower than I could have been." In the end, that helped him gain speed and achieve a well-deserved victory.

“But that also made me a bit faster at the end, that’s where I could extend my gap again and that’s what made my race, because when we made the pit stop I was only 1-1.5 seconds behind and with the fresher compound, of course you can pass”.

The season is long and a lot can change, but few believe that Verstappen will not win the title this year as well.

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