Toto Wolff on the new upgrade: We need to manage our own expectations

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Toto Wolff on the new upgrade: We need to manage our own expectations
Toto Wolff on the new upgrade: We need to manage our own expectations

Toto Wolff and the Mercedes team cannot be satisfied with the current season in which they are far from the quality we are used to. However, Mercedes fans are optimistic about the upgrade that will appear for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola.

Toto Wolff does not want to be too optimistic and calls for caution. “We need to manage our own expectations, because we're bringing an update package that's going to consist of new suspension parts, bodywork and some other things,” he said, as quoted by “But I have never in my 15 years in F1 seen a silver bullet being introduced, where suddenly you unlock half a second of performance.

So, I very much doubt that this is going to happen here." The most important thing for them now is to gain a certain stability and to move in that direction towards real changes. “But what I'm looking forward to is that we take certain variables off the table, where we believe we could have introduced something that we don't understand in the car.

[I am hoping] we can go more to a stable platform, and then we should see where the baseline is and what we can do from there”.

Toto Wolff on upgrades

Wolff spoke about the upgrades prepared by the Mercedes team.

It is to be expected that they will do great things, but you still need to be careful. They know that at this pace it is difficult for them to be at the top, and it is imperative for them to make crucial changes that could lead them in the right direction.

“I think we are chasing downforce and we're trying to do the best possible job in terms of the mechanical platform. What we're doing is we're introducing a new bodywork, and we're introducing a new floor and we're doing a new front suspension and that's pretty large.

That's a pretty large operation. Large surgery. It’s going to be a lot of learning in the virtual world, where it is good lap time. That's why the upgrade that we're bringing is going to help us to set the direction, and to understand the various areas that we believe could play a role in why the car is so poisonous to drive."

Toto Wolff

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