Christian Horner: We are now the Kardashians on wheels

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Christian Horner: We are now the Kardashians on wheels
Christian Horner: We are now the Kardashians on wheels

Netflix's F1 series Drive to Survive caused a lot of reactions. It must be admitted that 'Drive to Survive' caused a great interest in Formula 1 even among those who were not fans of this sport. Many still complain and believe that this documentary is turning into a soap opera.

Lewis Hamilton recently had an interesting comparison. “I mean, it feels like a bit of a Kardashian show happening here,” -Hamilton said, as quoted by “It’s pretty hilarious, some of the stuff that I’ve heard over the past few days has been so entertaining.

I’m sure it’ll all be on Netflix, it’s going to be great”. In an interview with the Financial Times, Christian Horner shared his opinion with Lewis Hamilton. “I think with the audience that we’ve attracted probably not,” -Horner said.

“I mean, we are now the Kardashians on wheels. I mean you’re just looking for Guenther Steiner to lose it, or for my friend Toto [Wolff] and I to have a little bit of jousting”.

Christian Horner talks about the documentary

Christian Horner emphasized that this is a great thing, considering that the fans of this sport have an insight into what is happening 'behind the screen'

There are many things that the average viewer cannot see, and this documentary reveals the entire process. “It gets you behind the scenes to know the personalities of the drivers a little more and exposes the characters,” -he said.

“And it’s not just about the front of the field. It’s about the trials and tribulations that go on down the grid, at the back of the grid, what they’re fighting for. So I think that’s the dynamic that it has completely changed, and F1, to a degree, it is a bit of a soap opera.

I mean the way it operates, the characters involved, the money involved, the politics. There’s so much going on in the sport outside of the cars driving for two hours on a Sunday afternoon”.

Christian Horner

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