Helmut Marko is not optimistic about Red Bull's chances at the Monaco GP

"We can't play to our racing strengths in Monaco."

by Sead Dedovic
Helmut Marko is not optimistic about Red Bull's chances at the Monaco GP

In an interview with the media, Helmut Marko commented on this week's Monaco GP, which could bring many surprises. Marko is not very optimistic about Red Bull's chances in this race. The Austrian believes that other teams will have an advantage considering the complexity of this track.

He put Ferrari as the favorite. Many believe that Ferrari could spring a surprise. "We can't play to our racing strengths in Monaco," -Marko told Motorsport-Magazin.com, as quoted by crash.net "Whoever drives in front sets the pace.

Tyre wear will not be decisive. There are no straights where our speed advantage comes into play. What we have seen so far, Ferrari are sometimes faster than Red Bull in the slow corners. It will be exciting. Let's see." Marko emphasized that the quick tire warm-up could be the key thing.

"The biggest advantage is the quick tyre warm-up and I think that can be decisive on the qualifying lap," -Marko continued.

Helmut Marko and Fernando Alonso

There is no doubt that Fernando Alonso is one of the favorites in this race.

Even when we consider the form in which this Spaniard is, it, even more, indicates that it is the Spaniard who could cause a surprise. Certainly, this is going to be an interesting race to watch. We can never underestimate Red Bull, given that we know their qualities and how much they want to take the title again this year.

It will be interesting to see how motivated Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez are this time around. "Alonso is always good. The handicap of lacking top speed doesn't matter in Monte Carlo. And if they have a good weekend where they're immediately up front in qualifying, he's certainly a candidate." Helmut Marko seems to have 'underestimated' his team. However, that will mean nothing. The race will say everything.

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