Charles Leclerc on whether he would welcome Lewis Hamilton as a new teammate

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Charles Leclerc on whether he would welcome Lewis Hamilton as a new teammate
Charles Leclerc on whether he would welcome Lewis Hamilton as a new teammate

There have been many rumors in the last few days about the arrival of Lewis Hamilton to the Ferrari team. However, it is still not known how reliable it is and whether there are really any chances for such a thing. Charles Leclerc had interesting reactions to their questions in the interview with the media.

Reporters were interested in: What does he look for in a teammate considering the rumors that Hamilton is coming? “Hello Lewis! ” - Leclerc said, as quoted by Leclerc believes that Hamilton is an extremely high-quality driver.

However, he does not want to get involved in such rumours, and he himself does not know what will happen in the end “A fast teammate. We are in Formula 1 and we love to be fighting against the best. But that’s not to say that my teammate is not fast.

Carlos is an extremely fast driver. But considering that, I’m not the person who makes the choices. So let’s see”.

Charles Leclerc on Hamilton

Reporters were interested in whether Leclerc would welcome Hamilton.

Charles certainly has enormous respect for Hamilton, but he also respects his current colleague, Carlos. "If I say yes I imagine it being the title of every newspaper! Lewis is such an incredible driver and has achieved so much in the sport.

I think anyone on the grid would love to have Lewis as their teammate as everyone would learn a lot from him. But again, I’m happy where I am and with Carlos it’s a great relationship too. ” There is also a lot of talk about the fact that Leclerc should sign a new contract with Ferrari.

However, that still won't happen. “No talks have been started on my renewal for now,” he said. “I speak with John regularly about the season and the vision for the future, but not yet about my contract situation. There is still a year and a half before the end of my contract so still a lot of time”.

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