Lewis Hamilton on rumors about Ferrari and his future


Lewis Hamilton on rumors about Ferrari and his future
Lewis Hamilton on rumors about Ferrari and his future

Lewis Hamilton has been in negotiations with Mercedes for a long time regarding a new contract. Recently, there have been rumors that the Briton will join the Ferrari team. However, Hamilton denied this in a press conference.

He emphasized that such rumors are a natural occurrence in the period when you are negotiating for a new contract. He is happy at Mercedes and expects great progress in the coming period. “Naturally when you’re in contract negotiations there’s always going to be speculation,” he said, as quoted by crash.net “I think ultimately unless you hear from me that is all it is.

No, it doesn't have a bearing I think because we’re still a championship-winning team it’s just we’ve had the wrong car, there have been some decisions that have been made over the past two years that have not been ideal and we’re working our way through that.

All the energy is going towards the new upgrade this weekend, the team have worked incredibly hard to bring this upgrade. We already after Bahrain decided that’s what we’re going to do so I was a little bit gutted when the last race was cancelled as I was excited to try this new package.


Lewis Hamilton on his future at Mercedes and new contract

What is most important is that Hamilton is optimistic about the future of this team. “Whilst here is not the best platform track-wise to really see those come to fruition we will hopefully experience that more next week.

Otherwise, my team is having discussions with the team in the background and we’re almost there”. Hamilton is apparently in negotiations for a new contract but did not want to reveal specific details about it.

“It’s not really stuff that I can talk about to be honest,” -he added. “This is the first time I think that I’ve not been negotiating myself. I’ve got a great team in the background doing all of the work so I am just focused on doing the job at hand.

I say what I want and that’s what we’re working towards. Hopefully in the coming weeks”.

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