Max Verstappen has doubts about the future: I want to try different things

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Max Verstappen has doubts about the future: I want to try different things
Max Verstappen has doubts about the future: I want to try different things

Max Verstappen is currently the most dominant driver in F1. Many wonder if the Dutchman will break the records previously set by others. If he continues with this form, we have no doubt that he can really do it. However, it seems that Max has no intention of being in F1 for a long time.

His contract expires in 2028. In an interview with the media, the Dutchman talked about the expiration of his contract and his plans for the future. “I love racing, otherwise I wouldn’t be on the simulator driving other cars but that’s exactly the thing,” he said, as quoted by “I like to do other kinds of racing, not only F1.

I know that I will be 31 when that’s the end of the contract but I also then already been in F1 for a very long time and it’s a lot of work. It’s travelling a lot, not only the races, but in between you’re travelling to the factory, you have marketing commitments.

I am a person who loves to be at home. I like to be competitive, I like to win but if you can’t fully motivate yourself to get to every race then that’s the point you have to question yourself. "

Max Verstappen and his desires

Max Verstappen seems intent on trying other motorsports.

His spirit is competitive. His desire is to set records in other racing sports as well. However, Max is still not sure what will happen, given that a lot can change in the next few years. First of all: His desire for certain things may disappear, but he may also have other plans.

“Do you want to continue? I love Le Mans, I love doing other 24 hour races. I love watching the GT3 cars go around the Nordschleife and all these kind of things I do want to experience in my life - and I don’t want to do them when I am 40 or 50 because then I am not at the peak of my performance and when I am 31 I am pretty sure that I am still capable of doing great things.

We will see. It also depends a bit how competitive we’re going to be over here in ‘28. There’s still a lot of question marks. I don’t want to, when I am at that age, travel 25 races a year and besides that travel to the UK again for simulator work or do an appearance or commitment here and there.

It's too much at one point. I started driving when I was four and a half, competitively at seven. At one point I think it’s enough if you’re away that much a year”.

Max Verstappen

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