Toto Wolff explains why there were rumors about Hamilton's departure

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Toto Wolff explains why there were rumors about Hamilton's departure
Toto Wolff explains why there were rumors about Hamilton's departure

Rumors about the departure of Lewis Hamilton from the Mercedes team to Ferrari seem to have no basis and there is no truth in it. Hamilton is in negotiations regarding a new contract with Mercedes. They still haven't reached an agreement, so it is not known whether an agreement will be reached in the coming period.

Such things immediately caused an avalanche of rumors about the departure of Hamilton. Toto Wolff, Team Principal and CEO of Mercedes revealed how this story came about and what is the main reason for it. "We've had a pact - and we've had that since many, many years ago - that we wouldn't talk to any other driver before we have taken a decision to stay together or not,” Wolff said, as quoted by Wolff has enormous faith in Hamilton.

In addition to their professional relationship, the two are also great friends outside of F1. Hamilton has been a part of the Mercedes team for a long time and it is hard to imagine this team without him. “So I was never a millimetre in doubt that there were any discussions.

Someone just placed that [story] maybe to, in a way, play a role in what seemed to be negotiation. But it is not negotiation. It is sitting at a table and saying: 'What is it we need to adapt to in the contract?' So there's nothing to it."

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes

Apparently, an agreement between Mercedes and Wolff could soon be reached.

Hamilton still believes that Mercedes can turn things around, despite the fact that they have been poor this season. "The contract was ready in 2013. We've never really changed a lot of words in there, just the dates and the number of marketing days.

I think that, how it is at the moment with us, we're in a super happy position with Lewis There weren't any stumbling blocks with the contract negotiations."

Toto Wolff

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