The contract talks between Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff will take place today

“Well I haven’t signed anything yet,” -Hamilton said

by Sead Dedovic
The contract talks between Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff will take place today

Lewis Hamilton and his new contract are still a hot topic on the F1 scene. Many are wondering if the Brit will really sign a new contract and how realistic it is. Hamilton stressed that tomorrow (ie today) he will sit down with Toto Wolff and discuss the new contract.

We will see if an agreement will be reached. “Well I haven’t signed anything yet,” -Hamilton said, as quoted by “But, we’re meeting with Toto tomorrow so hopefully we can get something done”.

However, his next sentence could cause pessimism among Mercedes fans. “I mean, we’ve had so many meetings. So, it’s just another one of the meetings that we’re having."

Lewis Hamilton talks about his performances

This great driver emphasized that his uncertain future has no influence on his present, ie on his performances.

Hamilton is still there for the team and gives his maximum. His performance at the Spanish GP is a confirmation that Lewis really has a huge motive. “I mean, you can see today my results, my performance is not affected by that,” -he said.

“It’s always something that’s at the back of your mind [though] so once that’s done then you’re able to focus more and think about the future. But as I said, I’m working as hard as I can with this team and I see so much strength within the team, I think they’re still so hungry, and the podium today was really, really special, I saw them in the distance, at the back [of the crowd] – they’re always at the back!

– but to be able to see the excitement in all the people I’ve worked with in such a long time [is special]." Hamilton is particularly proud of his entire team, which is giving its maximum so that he can improve his form and get the car he deserves.

“And when we go back right now, it’ll be a great energy within the office. These guys, they’ll take two seconds to enjoy themselves and be happy and then they’ll go back down into the books and trying to figure out how we can win the next race. That’s what I love about them”.

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