Lewis Hamilton reveals if he is still motivated

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Lewis Hamilton reveals if he is still motivated
Lewis Hamilton reveals if he is still motivated

Lewis Hamilton was great in the last race in Spain. However, it was not enough to win the race. Many wonders if Hamilton is as motivated as before, given that his team cannot find a solution for Red Bull's great form. After the race in Spain, the Brit commented on his motivation and emphasized that he still has the desire and will.

“I think my hunger has never really shifted, I would say,” -Hamilton said, as quoted by crash.net “No, don't feel like that's… I think I'm in a really great place in my life and I think I'm really happy where I am in my life and I think I've got all the ducks in a row, like where I'm able to really focus.

Got a great, great, great team around me both off track and on track. There's great stuff that's happening with Mission 44 that's got a great team in London, working on that. "

Lewis Hamilton talks about his goals

Hamilton is lucky to have a team of people around him who are ready to work and help him achieve his goal.

However, Hamilton is never satisfied with anything other than first place. He is aware that it will be a difficult, almost impossible mission, but we all know what qualities Lewis has. We can never write him off. “And we're starting to see impact.

I've got a great team of engineers here that… been with Bono for a long, long time and feel like Bono’s really doing… what Bono and Mike and all the guys are doing is such a such a fantastic job. And I think for me, I feel fit and healthy and I think that was a very solid, very solid race for me.

And I think, yeah, I want to keep going for as long as I can. But I want to be where he is [indicating Max]. And or racing him at least. So that's super, super-focused on getting to that point and yeah, a long way to go. But there’s time”.

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