Helmut Marko: Max Verstappen is from another planet at the moment

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Helmut Marko: Max Verstappen is from another planet at the moment
Helmut Marko: Max Verstappen is from another planet at the moment

Max Verstappen has a huge dominance in F1 this season. He currently looks like a big favorite to win another title, the third in a row. It is difficult to see who can prevent him from doing so at this moment. Helmut Marko and other key people within Red Bull have only words of praise for Verstappen.

The last race in Spain once again confirmed the quality of the Dutchman. Marko emphasized that Verstappen always gives his maximum and even more than that. His mentality, passion, and desire to win are something really special.

"You saw how Max set the fastest lap with old tires at the end," Marko said, as quoted by crash.net "He is, as they say, from another planet at the moment. He has achieved a superiority that we have never had before. That's Max, you can't beat that out of him.

He always has to go to the limit, as the warning for driving over the track limits showed. But that's the mark of a great driver: He always delivers."

Helmut Marko on Mercedes and Ferrari upgrades

Marko also commented on the upgrade by Mercedes and Ferrari.

It was expected that these two teams could surprise and maybe even fight for first place. However, it was clear that no one could still match Red Bull. Marko emphasized that Red Bull is still far from the others, although his goal was not to be arrogant.

"The updates of our competitors have only brought a shift [in their running order]," -Marko said. "But without wanting to be arrogant: They didn't really get closer to us, they just took turns [at being second-fastest]. And that's good for us again, because our lead in the Championship is getting bigger with every race." We will see if someone can surprise in the rest of the season, but according to everything, Red Bull will continue to dominate this year as well.

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