Max Verstappen: If I can't win, let it be Fernando Alonso

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Max Verstappen: If I can't win, let it be Fernando Alonso
Max Verstappen: If I can't win, let it be Fernando Alonso

Max Verstappen will probably become the new champion this season as well. The Dutchman has behind him two great seasons in which he won the trophy. Max has an ideal chance to achieve the same success this season as well. In F1, of course, there is a huge rivalry between the top teams, but also the weaker ones.

For many, the most interesting rivalry is the one between Hamilton and Verstappen. Max Verstappen revealed in an interview with the media who he would like to see as the winner of the race if he were not the one. His answer was interesting; "If you ask me one driver who I would like to see win a race, it's him,” Verstappen said, as quoted by "I like him.

He never gave up and you can see he loves the sport. Sometimes, after so many years of only having a car that is capable of driving in the midfield, maybe you lose a bit of that love but he is a real racer. He is an animal”.

Max Verstappen and his career

The Dutchman also commented on the comparisons that are constantly being made regarding his career and the career of the greats of the F1 scene. Max is not too concerned with this, as he is aware that anyone can get a chance in a winning team sooner or later.

"People always have different kind of careers,” he added. “Maybe some drivers get into a race-winning car sooner than others. " Max could have 41 wins like Ayrton Senna if he wins in Montreal. It will be interesting to see if he succeeds.

“Nowadays, we have more races than back in the day so I never really look at the number but as a kid I would never have imagined to be in that list. It is an amazing career for sure but you can't compare it”.

Max Verstappen Fernando Alonso

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