Max Verstappen's father on negotiations with Toto Wolff in 2014

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Max Verstappen's father on negotiations with Toto Wolff in 2014
Max Verstappen's father on negotiations with Toto Wolff in 2014

According to a recent interview with the media, Jos Verstappen, Max Verstappen's father, decided to reveal that he and his son spoke with Toto Wolff at Wolff's Vienna home back in 2014, when he and his son visited him. It is obvious that Wolff did not want to give the Dutchman a chance.

“We went to his house in Vienna, we had a serious discussion,” Jos told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “But I don’t think Toto had followed him much in karting and really knew how special Max was, otherwise he would have signed him blindfolded, even if Mercedes didn’t have a junior programme”.

The two of them went to Hockenheim not long after that, where they had talks with Helmut Marko. As a result of the negotiations lasting only 20 minutes, Marko immediately decided to give young Verstappen a chance, as he saw in the young man an immense amount of potential.

“We met [Helmut] in 2014 in Hockenheim,” -Jos said. “We got into the Red Bull motorhome and joined the table. Helmut said, ‘I only have twenty minutes’. Next year I want to put Max on a Toro Rosso in F1′.

The deal was done”.

Max Verstappen

Immediately after Max Verstappen's first season in F1, it was clear that he would receive offers from big teams. Ferrari was interested in him, and they wanted to create a future with Verstappen.

Nevertheless, the young driver decided to stay at Red Bull, considering that he saw a perspective there. It turned out that he made a great move. “Not with the current management. They looked for us after the first year in F1.

Now Max has everything at Red Bull, a competitive car and team, it wouldn’t make sense to change. However, wherever he goes in the future he would make a difference if surrounded by the right people”.


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