Charles Leclerc calls for caution after the Canada GP

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Charles Leclerc calls for caution after the Canada GP
Charles Leclerc calls for caution after the Canada GP

Ferrari is not able to show the level of performance we expected from them this season. The previous season was a great season for them, but this year is a completely different story from the previous one. In terms of performance, the Ferrari team cannot compete with the others, and that is why the question is what the future holds for them.

The Italian team seems to have caused optimism among the fans of this sport after the Canada GP. However, Charles Leclerc on the other hand is calling for caution and believes that his team must remain constant if they want to be known as a team for the very top of the sport.

"We need to be cautious with drawing conclusions too early," he said, as quoted by "Canada was positive on the Sunday especially which was good to see but we need to confirm that and prove we can be consistently good on Sunday.

It's something we were struggling with in the first part of the season."

Ferrari and problems

Ferrari has huge problems with tire degradation. This makes the biggest difference between them and other teams. In leclerc's opinion, his team must work hard and try to solve such problems in order to be successful.

It will be interesting to see whether or not they are able to achieve that. There is one thing for sure; Ferrari is a team with a long history, and they certainly have a team on hand that is capable of solving problems of this nature.

"I think through the lap we are quite okay," he said. "We can see that in qualifying when conditions are quite stable. There we're fine. Whenever we're in the race with tyre degradation especially, the car goes away a little bit and sometimes we end the race in a different place to where we started and that makes things more complicated for us." Source:

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