Juan Pablo Montoya: Max Verstappen can shut everybody up

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Juan Pablo Montoya: Max Verstappen can shut everybody up
Juan Pablo Montoya: Max Verstappen can shut everybody up

Max Verstappen is the dominant force on the F1 scene this season. The Dutchman is convincing and is in the leading position. According to everything, he will stay that way. Red Bull could set the record if they win the remaining races; This would make them the first team to win all races during the season.

The legend of F1, Juan Pablo Montoya is amazed by Verstappen and his dominance. The former Williams and McLaren driver expects Max to win the remaining races. His focus is also on Sergio Perez, who is also excellent, but still far from his teammate.

Montoya asks himself how much Perez can do this season, and how much he will help Red Bull achieve its goals. "I think we have to say that Max Verstappen is going to win. It would be amazing if he is going to win all the races and shut everybody up, that would be pretty cool.

The number one question mark is, what will happen with Checo? Is Checo going to pull it together and get a lap in qualifying? It gets to a point where he needs to stop trying so hard because the car is fast enough. It's ok if you make it to Q3 being sixth or seventh and being six-tenths off your teammate and then in Q3, you try and see what happens."

Montoya on Sergio Perez

"He just needs to see what happens, put a banker lap in for the top five and then give it his all.

Is he going to finish on the podium? I'm going to say 90 percent yes. Is he going to be second? I'm not so sure. I see him finishing third and then Ferrari, in my opinion, will most likely take the number two spot." Red Bull has big ambitions this season and they are aware that they are currently the most convincing team.

Their goals become bigger from season to season; The fact that they can break the record for winning all the races during the season is really impressive.

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