George Russell reacts to Max Verstappen's statements: He wants more money

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George Russell reacts to Max Verstappen's statements: He wants more money
George Russell reacts to Max Verstappen's statements: He wants more money

Max Verstappen is the driver who has the main say this season, just like the previous few. However, this season he is really special and far from others. The Dutchman is dissatisfied with the moves of the F1 leaders who want to expand the calendar for the next season.

A large number of reactions were generated by Verstappen's statement that he may retire after his contract ends in 2028. George Russell, a colleague from the grid, commented on Verstappen's statements in a press conference.

This young Mercedes driver believes that this is part of the tactics of Verstappen, who wants to earn even more money. “I think he’s whinging because he wants more money!” Russell laughed. “He’s the highest paid on this grid and rightly so for what he’s achieving but even so, I think it’s all a big tactic of his, that threat of retirement.

I hope he doesn’t, I hope he stays for as long as I stay because I want to fight against the best drivers in the world. I’m head-to-head with Lewis at the moment and I want to be doing that with Max and Charles etc and I think we’re in a really great place at the moment as a sport”.

George Russell: We’d be happy to race every weekend

George Russell does not share the opinion with Verstappen but believes that some other commitments could be reduced. “It is challenging, we can’t just keep adding more commitments, more races, there’s got to be a point where if you are adding something somewhere, something has got to be taken off,” he said.

"Maybe at the moment we’re just adding more races and not having less commitments, so you are just working overtime. I’m sure it’s the same at Red Bull as well but if we didn’t have any other commitments we’d be happy to race every weekend I’m sure”.

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