Max Verstappen on Hamilton's F1 film: I'm actually not that much into it

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Max Verstappen on Hamilton's F1 film: I'm actually not that much into it
Max Verstappen on Hamilton's F1 film: I'm actually not that much into it

The new film in which Brad Pitt will play the popular F1 driver has caused a large number of reactions. After several scenes were filmed at Silverstone, the reactions of the F1 drivers followed. Interestingly, Lewis Hamilton is a co-producer of the film.

Max Verstappen believes that this film will be a big deal, but on the other hand, it seems that he does not want to pay too much attention to such a project. "I think they're going to use some shots of everybody, in terms of onboard cameras and stuff," he said.

"I completely can't be bothered with this. In the end, a film is always made to create a little bit of a show in it. Because yes, of course, it won't all be real. But I think it's all fine. I'm actually not that much into it."

George Russel's reaction

George Russell was one of those who also gave his opinion about the film: "I think it's one of those when you when you see a worldwide superstar for the first time, it's quite surreal." Charles Leclerc is happy that such a film will be filmed, especially because of the fact that Brad Pitt will play the character of the popular driver.

It will be interesting to watch such a film, given that there are already many reactions to it. "It's fun, it's a new face and definitely quite unexpected to see Brad in the drivers' briefing. They did a bit of a brief of what to expect for the movie and it just is very exciting.

I'm looking forward to seeing it. Nice guy." Pierre Gasly doesn't seem to have any special impressions after meeting Brad Pitt.
"I must say it's not every day you get the chance to see Brad Pitt. We got the chance to meet him and they introduced themselves and the movie.

It was definitely a special moment. Apart from the drivers' briefing and sitting right in front of Brad Pitt, everything kind of felt normal. So, on my side, I will say it has changed nothing."

Max Verstappen

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