Christian Horner comments on the McLaren upgrade which is a 'copy of Red Bull'

"Yeah, always. It’s flattering, isn’t it,” he said

by Sead Dedovic
Christian Horner comments on the McLaren upgrade which is a 'copy of Red Bull'

Christian Horner commented on the recent changes of McLaren who want to go in the direction of Red Bull. Recent upgrades by McLaren have caused a lot of reaction. Christian Horner, CEO of Red Bull, commented on McLaren's moves and emphasized that they strongly resemble Red Bull.

“It’s a very similar concept,” Horner said. “I was looking at the car on the grid [at Silverstone], and it’s the first time I’ve really seen it this year. You can see the philosophy they’ve borrowed is very similar, that they’ve chosen a similar path”.

Red Bull is the most dominant team this season. Hardly anyone can match them. The fact that they have a dominant car also makes Horner happy. "Yeah, always. It’s flattering, isn’t it,” he said. “It’s inevitable that will happen, and why wouldn’t you when you’ve got a car that’s performing like ours?"

Christian Horner

Fans of this sport still hope that some of the teams will be able to match Red Bull.

The dominance of the Austrian team does not please individuals. Horner has no doubts that several teams will soon join them in the top flight. Things will become clearer after a few races. “My job is to win, and the one thing we know from this sport is that things will converge,” he continued.

“You can already see it starting to happen, and the most important thing to have convergence is stability, and stability of regulations will bring all of the teams much, much closer together. You can see it’s already starting to happen.

It’s not going to be another seven years of domination. The power units are all pretty similar now, and the chassis evolves much, much quicker than the engines do. We can already see from the start of the season to now that things are already converging”.

Source: Crash

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