Sergio Perez on the future in Red Bull and Nyck de Vries

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Sergio Perez on the future in Red Bull and Nyck de Vries
Sergio Perez on the future in Red Bull and Nyck de Vries

Sergio Perez is not able to continue with the great form he had at the beginning of the season. The Mexican is frustrated by what is happening to him. The main problem seems to have arisen after the crash at the Monaco GP. After that, Perez overdrive many times.

In an interview with the media, Perez answered the question; If he has been guilty of overdriving “Yeah, certainly when you’re not fully confident with the car. I think what happened in Monaco probably brought me a step back and it has taken me some time to fully trust the car the way I was doing it.

And then you have the external factor of the changeable conditions and then there’s a bit more of a discrepancy." It is obvious that the car is causing him huge problems. Perez does not manage to show what he did at the beginning.

“The deficit that I’ve been experiencing with the car in the last few races, whenever there is a change of condition, it tends to to get wider, this limit. So that’s been something that has caught us out.

In the last five races really, there have been some change in condition in qualifying so that has really put us on the back foot”.

Sergio Perez and Nyck de Vries

Many believe that Perez will be under enormous pressure after Nyck de Vries was fired from AlphaTauri.

The Mexican is not afraid and has enormous self-confidence. He is aware that he can do a lot in the future.
“It’s in my hands, correct, so that’s why I’m focused on [myself]. I am the first one, I’m a winner, I don’t like having bad weekends.

It’s not what I’m here for, I would rather be at home doing something else. I’m here because I know that I can do it, I’ve done it before and people just on the sofa forget how [little breathing room] we have.

You’ve seen it with other drivers, other teams. They’ve had difficult periods, but then they don’t have 20 replacements after a session like they do with the Red Bull drivers”.


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