Max Verstappen surprised many with his 'ideal' teammate

"His career didn’t go to plan. It had a lot of potential. He knew what went wrong.”

by Sead Dedovic
Max Verstappen surprised many with his 'ideal' teammate
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Max Verstappen is currently the best driver in F1 and looks unstoppable this season. His teammate, Sergio Perez, is not as consistent as the Dutchman. Many are wondering if the Mexican will stay in the team and who could succeed him.

In an interview with the media, Verstappen revealed who he considers an ideal teammate, and who he would like to be his teammate. “For me, personally? Dream team? If I could bring people back to their normal racing [age], it would be my dad,” Verstappen told Sky, as quoted by!

Jos Verstappen has been on the F1 scene for many years, but he never realized his full potential. His career went in a completely different direction. However, what Jos failed to do, his son Max did. “For me, personally, that’s my dream team.

His career didn’t go to plan. It had a lot of potential. He knew what went wrong”.

Jos Verstappen and Max Verstappen

True F1 fans know how much Jos 'forced' Max Verstappen from the earliest days. He always wanted more from him, and he wanted to create a driver who would break records.

Jos seems to have succeeded in doing so. “He knew it was very important to have the right people around you, from a young age, to guide you in the right way. That’s what he did with me,” Max said. “From what happened in his career, from what went wrong, he tried to prevent me having [the same].

That’s why he prepared me in a very professional way from a young age to be ready for certain scenarios”. Max Verstappen's career is admirable. This still relatively young driver has been leading the way in F1 for three seasons.

This season he is particularly convincing. There are great chances that they will win the third title and thus start breaking new records.

Max Verstappen