Alain Prost leaves Alpine, says F1 team has ‘no respect’ after news leak

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Alain Prost leaves Alpine, says F1 team has ‘no respect’ after news leak

Alain Prost, the 66-year-old veteran who is a four-time Formula One Drivers’ Champion, alleges that the Alpine F1 team has no respect for prior teammates. Prost’s remarks broke off after his departure from the team had been made official.

Prost, the French retired Formula One driver who once held the record for most Grand Prix Victories before Schumacher tops his total of 51 victories in 2001, had been acting as the Alpine’s special advisor since 2017.

Formula One official website unveiled the news of his departure on Monday, just before Prost had confirmed the news later on the day. In an Instagram post, Prost was quoted saying that he would prefer to turn down an offer to stay at the team rather than Alpine deciding against a renewal of his contract adding “I am very disappointed how this news has been announced today.

It was agreed that we would announce together with Alpine! No respect sorry! I have refused the offer made to me in Abu Dhabi for the 2022 season because of a personal relationship and I was right! To the Enstone and Viry team, I will miss you.


Prost leaves Alpine, hits out at Rossi’s leadership

On top of that, in an interview with L’Equip published this week, the 66-year-old had sharply criticized Rossi’s role as a team leader saying Rossi had been too blunt to make proper decisions at the right time.

In the interview, adding Rossi had told him that he would no longer be requiring his suggestions, Prost said, “Rossi's desire is to be alone, not to be polluted by anyone. There is a real desire to put a lot of people on the sidelines”.