Lewis Hamilton & McLaren Co warned by Australian Grand Prix after Djokovic fiasco

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Lewis Hamilton & McLaren Co warned by Australian Grand Prix after Djokovic fiasco

Australian Grand Prix authorities have warned the Seven-time Formula One Champion Lewis Hamilton alongside his McLaren crew members that they will not be allowed to take part in Australian Grand Prix, unless they are fully vaccinated against the pandemic pathogen, as race organizers have been looking to avoid the fiasco that involved tennis No 1 Djokovic.

After a week-long court debate, Australian Government had invoked special authoritative power to cancel out Novak Djokovic’s visa, as the Serbian had been deported back to his own country earlier this week. Aside from that, since the Serbian vaccine sceptic had initially disputed the Government’s decision in an appeals court, which eventually had ruled him to play considering the datum that he had been infected about a month earlier, Djokovic had been banned to enter into Australia for three years, meaning he will miss out next two Australian Opens as well.

Amid such garrulous circumstances with an Australian election just months away, Australia had stiffened its laws about traveling into the country and Formula One seems to be looking to avert similar circumstances, as it sent early warning to all F1 racers and their team crews to get vaccinated in order to enter into the racing arena in the Australian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton and McLaren team crews warned by Aussie regulators

In tandem, Australian Grand Prix Chief Executive Andrew Westacott was quoted saying that the rules had been made clear and all racers along with their crew members would be required to get fully vaccinated to enter into the event.

Adding that there will be no exemptions even if it comes to the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, Westacott added, “The rules are simple to get into the country and the rules are simple to operate in Formula One.

To come into the event, you’ll be 100 per cent vaccinated and there won’t be an exemption sought for anyone from anyone. Our arrangements have been in place well before the recent goings-on at the Australian Open”.