F1’s YouTube channel tops 4bn views as Lewis Hamilton Dec Defeat amasses 16mln

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F1’s YouTube channel tops 4bn views as Lewis Hamilton Dec Defeat amasses 16mln

Ahead of 2022 Formula One season opener that will kickstart in Bahrain on 20 March, F1’s official YouTube channel totals a record 4 billion views to-date with seven-time Grand Prix Champion Lewis Hamilton’s December defeat in Abu Dhabi breaching a whopping 16 million views in less than a month, data on social media analytics Social Blade had unveiled late on Sunday.

[Source link: F1 official YouTube Channel; Please view on F1's official website.] On top of that, according to Social Blade, the official YouTube channel of Formula One amasses an Apollonian four billion views on Saturday, taking account of all of the videos posted on the channel.

Having had a whopping 6.89 million subscribers, Formula One has long been crowned as the most popular motorsport series channel on the Google LLC-owned video sharing platform, dwarfing MotoGP by a substantial margin which had had a 4.6 million subscribers as of Saturday night.

NASCAR shelves 798,000 subscribers and World Rally Championship’s official YouTube channel subscriptions totalled to 738,000, while Formula E, IndyCar and the World Endurance Championship garnered 688,000, 312,000 and 169,000 subscriptions.

Lewis Hamilton Dec Defeat in Abu Dhabi crosses 16mln views

A highlight of a disputed Lewis Hamilton defeat on December in Abu Dhabi that in effect costs the 37-year-old F1 star an eighth straight Grand Prix Championship titles and raises question over FIA director Masi’s decision-making, as a late safety car had awkwardly messed up with Hamilon and put the Dutch side by side with McLaren with fresh tires, already gathers a total of 16 million views in less than a month, closing in on being the most viewed F1 YouTube channel video.

As of Saturday night, the most popular video on Formula One’s official YouTube channel has been a countdown of top ten most dramatic incidents on F1 pit lane.