Ferrari to run four-day Formula One test at Fiorano

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Ferrari to run four-day Formula One test at Fiorano

Ferrari has been set to engage in a four-day test at the Fiorano Test Track as early as this week as the Formula One mogul seeks to be prepped up for the new F1 season. In tandem, latest move from Ferrari comes forth as the Maranello outfit looks to make sure its entire F1 team and drivers have been geared up following the Winter Break, while Ferrari still keeps working on its 2022 Challenger scheduled to be launched on February 17.

Ferrari says on Monday that it will conduct a four-day long test run at Maranello Test venue with regular drivers such as Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc alongside the motorsports behemoth’s official test driver, Robert Shwartzman, while Shwartzman will inaugurate this season’s test-run on Tuesday and will have his chances again on Friday.

Leclerc will drive on Wednesday and Sainz has been set to get back on the tracks on Thursday.

Ferrari to conduct four-day long test-run this week

In what could be viewed as an opportunistic window for the drivers to grease up their hands, elbow and shoulder joints in a racing track, Ferrari’s four-day long test-run will provide its mechanics and engineers with a pre-season chance to custom their cars as best as possible for this season’s challenges that will kickstart on early-March in Bahrain.

In the matter of the fact, Ferrari had been ranked third in last year’s constructors’ championship. Its mechanics will unquestionably expect to narrow down the gaps with Mercedes and Red Bull this year. As all Formula One teams have been readying up their cars for a ‘new F1 rules’ era, underscoring some radical transformation on his squad’s new challenger, Ferrari Chief Mattia Binotto said in an interview a few weeks back, “If I look at the 2022 car, and the 2022 power unit, believe me there is a lot of innovation in it.

I think that the way that the entire engineering team has faced the new design, the new project, and the 2022 regulations, which were a big discontinuity, was certainly with a more open mind than before. I can myself measure it by looking at the car itself, the way it's progressing, and certainly with the amount of innovation we put in it”.